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While reading my story you may have realized that without education, I would not be where I am today. Because I took my education seriously, I work as the Executive Chairperson of the Bigen Group of Companies today – an organization that specializes in infrastructure development on the continent of Africa. Bigen prides itself in doing good while doing business by improving the quality of life of people. If I had not obtained my PhD and MBA I would have not occupied this position.

In addition, I sat, and still sit, in both public and private sector boards. For example, I chaired the boards of Water Research Commission and the The Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority, both institutions ensuring the quality and quantity of water provisioning in our country of South Africa. We know that water is life, and humans, as well as the environment and business, depend on water for existence and sustenance. It has been a blessing to also serve on boards that provide services in the sanitation, agriculture, energy, housing, roads, rail and health sectors. All of these are possible because I took education seriously.

My challenge to you as you read this is, what are you doing to obtain education so as to be a resource to your community and country? If you do have some education, are you using it to improve service delivery in your country? Are you availing your skills and knowledge to empower institutions, governments, and other people? How do you share your knowledge and how do you learn from others to build yourself up? What are you facing that makes you unable to get your education or contribute your knowledge to improving others’ lives? I would like to hear from you and see how, with the support of many others, we might support you.

Please share your story with us so we may encourage others in faith.

I believe the more we share, the bigger the difference we can make in other people’s lives.

Some of our shared stories

  1. Often we look into the future and mistakenly overlook the current. We often plan for the future and forget to live the present. Often we envision the bigger things that we dream about and forget or neglect the smaller things that we have been entrusted with. You cannot be trusted with bigger things when you fail to be faithful or responsible with the smaller things presently. And it is the smaller things that hinder our greatness, because your ability to handle big things is measured by how you handle the smaller things. Sometimes we take for granted, we do not even realize that most of the things that we take for granted, are the very things that will determine if God will answer our prayers for elevation in that particular area.

    In my mentoring journey with Dr Snowy Khoza, and the book she blessed me with “Balanced on Purpose: The Story of the 7 cows” by Kenneth Mwale, I had to sit and examine my life, upon acknowledging the areas in my life, we identified the thinnest cow amongst all these spheres. And it was the finances sphere. Remember the thin cow always eats up the fat cow. My area of finances was swallowing up my other areas. She asked me to go and do an income and expenditure statement for her. We sat down and worked over it. She picked up things that were not necessities in life but I was spending on. We restructured some few records. There are things that were in there as monthly payments that really didn’t need to be. If it’s not a necessity it doesn’t have to be in there. If it is not a need, it is a want. We can live without wants. But we find that many people, spend more on wants, when we could be saving that money or redirecting it towards a need. We often make the mistake of living beyond our means. And indeed the finance area affects all the other areas.

    Lord have mercy, I am beginning to see this cow starting to gain some weight.

    In 2012 the Lord taught me about the Store-house principle, based on Joseph’s story in the book of Genesis 41:17-40. He said to me I needed to save 10% of my income. Apart from my tithe, I needed to have that 10% going into my savings. It might have been a different percentage that Joseph and the Egyptians were saving at that time, but the Lord strictly spoke to me about 10% at the time. When we sat down with Mme Snowy, she taught me the same principle. We looked at where we can make changes so that we can reach the percentage that we want to save. It is an On-going process. We have a goal and we are working towards it.

    Another aspect that I want to tackle with this thin cow of mine is this: I have realized that the talents that are being referred to in Matthew 25: 14-30; could be anything in your possession. Do you have an apartment or house? Are you taking good care of that house? Do you make sure that it is clean? Whether you do it yourself or you hire a helper to help you keep that house in good condition? God has entrusted you with that house or apartment.

    Do you own a vehicle? Do you take good care of that car? Do you wash it yourself or take it to the car-wash? Do you have a service plan? Or have you neglected it so much that you are just concerned with pouring petrol in it so that it takes you where you have to be. God has entrusted you with that car
    Do you have a job or business? Our attitude towards our jobs matter more than we think. Bible says that we should do everything as if doing it unto the Lord. For our reward is from him. Or are we zombies that only look forward to the pay day and not interested in doing the work? God has entrusted you with that job.

    It could also be the gifts/talents that God has blessed you with. It is God’s purpose about your life that He speaks about in Jeremiah 29.

    In this installment of my journey, my finances sphere is my talent. God has entrusted me with it. I need to treat them as such. I realized that I thought I was a faithful steward, only to realize that I was not. Now that I know I have responsibility over my finances I need to conduct them in such a way that when God looks at me, He will say “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much”. I aspire to reach a point where money works for me, and not the other way around.

    As I indicated, it is a journey. One step at a time, I will reach my destination ultimately.

    It could be a different area that is suffering in your life, but the principles are the same. Identify the thin cow, figure out what is causing that cow to be as thin as it is. Then figure out ways to start feeding that cow. It is our God given responsibility to achieve balance in all the spheres that He created us with. It is such a pleasing aroma unto God when we show responsibility towards these areas. May God grant us the desire to please him by achieving balance in all our spheres so that we can fulfil the purpose which he created each of us for.

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