I worked as a Social Worker in rural communities for many years – contributing to improving people’s quality of life. After I had qualified from the university of the North (then Turfloop) in the early 80’s, I felt God calling me to serve the poor. I knew what poverty was, having experienced it throughout my life up till that point. Part of my vision was to empower rural women through self-help projects, enabling them to feed and care for their own families. Many of these women had very limited education and skills. With the support of World Vision, the Government of the Netherlands and other local businesses we were able to teach reading and writing, sewing and cooking skills, as well as art and crafts.

Following promotions, I ended up working as a Chief Director at the Department of Social Development, giving me the opportunity to contribute to public policies that catered for women and children. Later on in life I became a business woman passionate to empower, mentor, and coach women to become business leaders in their own right. I co-founded Agape Christian Women’s Network (ACWN) – A Not for Profit Organization empowering women from all faiths, and all walks of life.

Please reflect on this and share with us what you are doing to empower others. How can I share my experiences with you? I would like to support you on this journey as I believe the more we share, the bigger the difference we can make in other people’s lives.

Please share your story with us so we may encourage others in faith.

I believe the more we share, the bigger the difference we can make in other people’s lives.

Some of our shared stories

  1. The Balanced Purpose by Pastor Kenneth Mwale

    I have read this book as part of my coaching journey with Mme Snowy Khoza. After reading this book, these are the things that stood out for me, and that I know that are challenging many people:

    Have you ever been in a place where you Know God’s purpose and plans for your life, a place where He has communicated it so clearly that you have no doubt in your mind that God has spoken? Yet the unfolding of events and circumstances in your life are not in agreement with that which you know God has spoken, maybe even confirmed through other believers. It just is not coming together. You feel frustrated. Tried everything you know, You wonder what are you not doing? What are you doing wrong? You are surviving but not thriving. Unfortunately, this is the plight of many Christians in our time.

    That has been my life story; I was fully committed to the work of the Lord. I was serving at church in the Music team, teaching Sunday school, tithing and offering, employed full time as an IT technician, yet my personal life was becoming a mess that I did not know how to solve. Full of potential, but did not know how to go about fulfilling it. Until my path crossed with Dr Snowy’s own. this is what i have learned: God orchestrates our lives in such a beautiful way that will ultimately lead us to where and who He wants us to be. No matter how long it takes, if we are true followers of Christ, it shall come to pass.

    There I am, an IT technician in an Engineering company, being noticed by the company’s then CEO, and now company Chairperson. What awesome favour. When the relationship started, she had mandated me to head up a choir that she initiated, she said, “God spoke to me specifically about you, I want you to lead the choir”. Wow! What awesome favour. God will use whomever He wants if you are willing, to usher you to greatness. As I stumbled along, we sat down one day after a choir performance and as I shared the frustrations that I was facing with the choir; she decided to ask her PA to arrange mentoring sessions for me. I was moved by the person she is. A black woman leading a company in a white-male dominated field. A leader, a mother even in the working environment. Yes, our pulpit is not only on the stages of our churches, it is everywhere we find ourselves. There is room for ministry everywhere. I wanted to be like her. She believed in me, and believed in what God has deposited in me.

    We sat on one session and she gave me a book titled “Balancing on purpose – the story of the seven cows” by Kenneth Mwale. My initial response was what do cows have to do with purpose? More so, what do they have to do with me? Kenneth uses the story of the seven cows found in the book of Genesis 41, to illustrate how our lives are divided into areas or spheres. The cows in Genesis represent the spheres in our lives. They are connected to each other. One cannot survive without the other.

    Notice how the thin cows eat the fat ones. That is actually where the journey begins. The area of your life that is thin, in other words, the area of your life that is lacking or not taken care of, will eat the fat areas. Pastor Kenneth divides the areas of our lives into


    As you can expect, while reading the book, I began to do an introspection of my own life. It made sense why things were not coming together. It made sense that I seemed to be doing well in other areas while failing dismally in others. I looked at the areas and acknowledged that they were there.

    I realized that what I needed to do really was to find balance in all these areas. When the scale in not balancing, there is chaos. I once came to a point where I asked God, “how could I be such a faithful servant to you, yet it seems my things are not in order, they are not going as I want them to, they are not going in the direction you spoke to me about”. Reading the book made me realize that I was not so much of a faithful servant as I thought. I found that there were areas I was feeding and others that I was starving. I also found there are other areas that I was taking for granted, unfortunately whether it is intentional or due to ignorance, those areas become thin cows that will eventually eat up the fat ones. What I did not realize is that all these areas of our lives are important to God. God created us to be Spirit, Soul and body, and all these parts are equally important to Him.

    This book reminded me of the verse in the Bible that says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6. The fact that we are ignorant of certain aspects in our lives does not mean we are exempted from the consequences that come as a result of neglecting them. If we are ignorant of the fact that we have spheres in our lives and we need to take care of, it does not mean that the starving areas will not indulge themselves and eat the nourished areas. In addition, they will continue to eat until we are destroyed, because principle is principle whether you follow it or not, and ignorance kills. It often is the smaller things that prevent us from being great. It is things that we ignore, take for granted or even those that we postpone. Sometimes we sacrifice our greatness in future for momentary gratification, which will costs us dearly in future.

    As you can expect, I uncovered the source of my frustrations. God, who is Rich in Mercy, brings us help along the way. My help was Dr Snowy Khoza, our mentoring sessions, and the book she gave me by Kenneth Mwale. The first step in solving a problem is knowing exactly what the problem is. Then you can take steps to solve. In my case, I realized where my problem was, I realized the areas I was feeding and those that I was starving. In addition, I am taking the necessary steps to solve it. When you have realized which area is suffering, you need to come up with ways and steps to feed that area. As indicated above, all these areas are important. Understanding that it is a process will greatly help you. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one-step.

    The lessons I learned from the book are principles for a lifetime, and for generation after generation. The greatest lesson for me is that I need to achieve balance for all areas of my life. If I am not willing to put effort into feeding all these areas, then I must be ready for a life of struggle. What good is it for one to have truckloads of money yet struggle with unhealthy lifestyle? The result is that your body will betray you before time, and you will either spend that money on medical expenses or worse we will bury you and your money will stay behind. You cannot take care of your health and finances but leave your spirituality. Even the bible says “What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul” Mark 8:36. Same principle.

    My advice to you the reader is,
    • Acknowledge that your life is divided into spheres
    • Seek to establish and maintain balance through all the spheres
    • Be ready to work hard to achieve balance
    • Understand that no sphere is more or less important than another
    • Be patient with yourself and work towards consistency
    • Seek help from people who are ahead of you, people that you look up to, (Mentor)

    I am sharing my story to inspire and empower you. Can you please share your own journey with me?

  2. Dear Brian,
    Thank you for stopping by to read the article on Sight Vs Vision. I appreciate the kind words you left before asking your questions. When you visit South Africa, please feel free to visit our Church. It will be an honour to chat with you.

    After going through your question, I think there are three things that I felt you needed clarity on, or as Dr Khoza put it, that you needed Prophetic insight on.
    The first is the issue of the analogy of “Marrying the King’s Daughter”. Marrying the King’s daughter is an analogy I use to caution people from doing things that would jeopardise their future chances of success. For example, when you get yourself in unnecessary debt because you wanted to show off that you are a cool guy, you are marrying the King’s daughter before time. What this means is that you have to manage every stage of your life and get only things that you need, not those that you want to use to boost your ego. David waited until he was King before marrying the King’s daughter. Which means that he didn’t get his identity from who he was married to. Many people get their identity from what they have. He first established his own identity.

    Secondly, when it comes to marriage. The same principle applies. In the book of proverbs, the Bible says “Prepare your work outside and get things ready for yourself in the field. Afterwards, build your house.” (Proverbs 24:27) This passage encourages us to first build our career or business before starting a home. I urge young people or anyone who is not married to prepare financially, emotionally and otherwise before they marry. Marriage is a big step and before getting into it, thorough preparation should be made. About the right time, I don’t believe that age has much to do with it. Other people are ready to marry at 25, while others aren’t at 40. So the most important thing is preparation. However, there are certain things you can’t prepare for marriage. You have to get into it for you to learn how to navigate them.

    The third issue you touched was inter racial marriages and how we can help the older generation to accept them. The Bible is very clear that God created man in His own image. This means that all of us are God’s image, and God loves us the same way. Our hope is in the power of prayer. We need to pray that the older generation that is still struggling to accept inter racial marriages should humble themselves and accept God’s position on the matter. We see in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 that “From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point of view even though we once knew Christ from a human point of view, we know him no longer in that way. 17 So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!”
    In Christ, we are all a new creation which means that Race is not an issue. We have to look at people from God’s perspective not a racial point of view. Another scripture that is very clear about race issues is Galatians 3:28. It says “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Therefore, to help the older generation, we need to pray but also gently point them to such scriptures and urge them to have their minds renewed to conform to what the scripture teaches us, not to what society socialise us.

    It is a long answer, but I hope it helps.
    Kenneth Mwale
    Author. Public Speaker. Pastor

  3. Dear Brian, thank you for asking Pastor Kenneth the questions you have asked. Pastor Kenneth is aware of these questions and he promised to answer them as soon as he is able to. My experience of marriage and the facts about inter- racial marriages in South Africa is blurred by my growing up in the heated era of apartheid. I look forward to Pastor Kenneth’s prophetic insight into the questions you have asked. Stay blessed!

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