This is the third part of ‘Guarding our Hearts’ focusing again on the aspect of Sacrificing so as to complete the remaining four points of the six ways of guarding our hearts in sacrificing certain things in life. Two of which I have dealt with already in part 2 of this series. Please take note of the numbering as I will continue to point 3 (as 1. Be not conformed to this world, and 2. A good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good; were discussed in the previous Part 2 of this blog). Here are the remaining four aspects of guarding our hearts through sacrificing.

3. Giving God your heart and letting your eyes observe His ways

In Proverbs 23:26 the Lord says ‘My son do give your heart to me, and may those eyes of yours take pleasure in my own ways’.

I remember when I gave my life to the Lord at the age of 16 years, I truly wanted God to take everything in me. While I was not as Word-wise as I am now, I am sure that giving my life to the Lord saved me from a lot of earthly things. Proverbs says we must give our hearts to God and let our eyes observe His ways. What does this mean to us as people and children of God? How do we give God our hearts? Does giving my life to the Lord to be reborn or born-again equate giving our hearts to Him? I think so. What do you think? It is my belief that there is no other way of serving God Almighty other than giving Him our hearts and to Him alone. We do this by acknowledging that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God who came to die for our sins. We thus give our hearts to Him so that everything we do in our lives will be to glorify Him and Him alone. Thus our eyes will observe His ways. As the Word of God guides us to live a Christ-like life, it will be easy to observe God’s ways in full. Our eyes will not move away from seeing the goodness of God in everything in life and we will be fully committed to His ways of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, long suffering, self control etc. Even when temptation comes we will be able to remember that we have given our hearts to God and we want to observe His ways only. The Holy Spirit will always guard our hearts. Have you given your heart to the Lord? Why not? Please find someone that you can talk to about giving your heart to the Lord and let them pray with you and start living a Christ-like life going forward. You are welcome to send me an email and let us chat and see how we can support you in this regard.

4.  Putting to death what is earthly in you

Colossians 3:5 says ‘ Put to death what is earthly in you: immorality, impurity, and idolatry’.

With so much happening around us I know it is difficult to put to death the things of this earth such as immorality, impurity and idolatry. In one of the Shares Section on this website we were given two examples of how idolatry destroyed lives including family, work or business lives. We heard how idolizing people around us could make us to fail to guard our hearts thus end up heartbroken. We tend to give our hearts to people because we ‘love’ them or we want to impress them for our own feel-good desires. Such idolation may anger God as He is the only God to be served. No one can stand in the place of God and become higher than God. In trying to be moral we might sometimes miss the expectations of God. Other than idolatry, we know of and we commit immorality and impurity oursleves for many reasons. In my beloved country South Africa we hear about so much corruption, stealing, killings and all sorts of criminality happenning on a daily basis. We also know that these things happen all over the world. As human beings we want to belong to a particular group and to be recognized for who we are or what we have. We envy others or are jealous of them, we think the things we do or say would not be known. All these things we do or say because we do not guard our hearts. We let our hearts control us in our weaknesses. Simple things like eating the things we know we should not eat and we do things we should not do, knowingly that all these are wrong because we do not guard our hearts. If we give our hearts to the Lord we will always try to be like Christ and God Jehovah our Father will forgive us when we become weak as His love for us is greater than those things that weaken our hearts. Are you struggling with idolatry, immorality and impurity? Are you willing to put to death these things? Do you need help in this regard? Please write to me an email and I will walk with you in this journey as I have been there myself – sinned yet completely forgiven, and have also assisted many other brothers and sisters in this regard. I know how it feels to live such a life. What is exciting is we can take all these weaknesses to God the Forgiver of our sins and He will never remind us of our past.

5. Asking the Lord to search and test your mind

Jeremiah 17:10 says ‘I Jehovah, am searching the heart, examining the kidneys even to give to each one according to his ways according to the fruitage of his dealings’.

What a mighty God we serve! Our Father in heaven forgives us of our tresspasses no matter how big our sins are or how long we have been sinning. What I love about Him more for is that He forever and always forgives us. I have sinned many times in my life but my Father through the blood of Jesus Christ forgave me. I do not have to live in condomnation and be reminded of my sins. It does not matter how many times my enemies remind me of my sins, I refuse to live in sin again and I refuse someone other than God Almighty to remind me of my sins. People are people they will forever remember what you have done to them no matter how much you have changed. All you need to know is that our Jesus died for our sins and we have been forgiven of all of them. All you also need to do is to work hard in living a life like Christ and ensure that you consistently ask the Lord to search your heart and test your mind. Always do good to and think positive about other people. Serve humanity as you would serve God. Always glorify God and if you slip unintentionally in sin run to God the Forgiver of our sins. He will receive you back and cleanse you again. How are you living your life? Do you always ask God to search your heart and help you to have a pure heart? Do you think God-like thoughts about things around you and people around you? Are you guarding your heart by ensuring that no day passes without you forgiving yourself and others if they tresspass against you or if you do the wrong things? Is there anything I can share with you how I try to glorify God with my life even when it is difficult sometimes? Do you have examples to share with us on how you asked the Lord to search and test your mind? We would like to learn from you.

6. Storing up God’s Word in your heart, that you may not sin against Him

Psalm 119:11 says ‘In my heart I have stored up God’s Word in my heart, that I may not sin against Him’.

The Bible says in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. This to me helped me to acknowledge that without knowing the Word of God we can not know God Himself. To guard our hearts we need to truly know and apply the Word of God in our lives. I remember my grandmother who taught me that I need to say the Word to myself as God would say it to me. I started applying the Words to myself e.g. that I am the Princess of the Most High God, I am beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God, that no weapon forged agaist me shall prosper, that I am blessed to be a blessing, that God will bless me with abundanlt blessings overflowing to the extent that I will have no space to put them. Also that greater is He that is in me than the one in the world and that I am more than a conqueror. I always recall when things were difficult in my life I would say to myself, my heavenly Father will not give me burdens that I would not carry, and that all these things will come to pass as I am just been prepared in fire like gold and I am being purified to be able to serve Him and Him alone. I stored that Word that He is my refuge and that He will bless me with long and abundant life. So many of the promises of God I have kept in my heart and every now and then I remind myself and God of His promises. God said He is not a man that He would lie. His Word comes out with integrity and is irrevocable. To Him be the glory! Do you store up God’s Word in your heart? What helps you to guard your heart? How can you help others to sacrifice themselves thus help others to succeed in life and not sin against God? Storing up God’s Word will surely help us to live a Godly life. Please share with us what you stored in your heart.

CONCLUSION – This is the conclusion of SACRIFICING as we guard our hearts. In the Part 4 and 5 I will then deal with COPING and how we should guard our hearts in this regard. In the meantime, please share with us how you sacrificed certain things to guard your heart. Thank you for reading this section of the blog.


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