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Put your feet up, get comfortable and join Snowy as she shares and teaches on relevant topics and motivates you to live a life of victory.

Complexities of Poverty in South Africa

Having overcome extreme poverty against all odds and having lived through many seemingly insurmountable challenges and human tragedies, I believe the thought-provoking lessons I have learned from my life experiences and from the many heroic people I have met and counselled, will inspire you as much as it inspired me to fight the complexities of poverty – particularly malnutrition, unemployment, lack of basic services, corruption and poor leadership in South Africa.

Divorce not the end of the road

The book takes the reader through the process of how to cope with divorce as lesson learnt from the authors and other people’s experiences. The basic tenant of doing genuine introspection, what to do when struggling with emotions, forgiving and letting go, and living your life to the fullest after divorce: are emphasized from a biblical perspective no matter what version of the Bible you are reading. Thus divorce not the end of the road title.

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