Contextualizing my definition of Prosperity

To God be the glory indeed! Thank you to those who spoke to me about this topic. I would have loved to receive many emails on this topic but a number of people chose to speak to me personally rather than write to me or post share comments on the website. Indeed ‘prosperity’ means a number of things to people depending on where they are in their life journey. What I am writing about on the redefinition of prosperity in this blog has nothing to do with the experiences of those who shared their stories with me but everything to do with what I have heard in their articulation of what they were trying to explain to me. Thus I chose to write from my own perspective in what I believe I have heard. So all that is here is basically from me mostly and what I believe I heard God ask me to write.

I am writing this piece sitting in a hotel in a West African country. I chose to go on a two days without food journey, not because some ‘prophet’ or ‘pastor’ told me to, but what my spirit yearned to do especially after seeing what people in rural Africa  – my beloved continent go through on a daily basis to have something in their stomachs. Those who have food on the table would classify such communities as ‘poor’ because of the definition of what ‘richness’ mean in material terms to them. When I saw what these people have to endure to eat on a daily basis, I decided I am not eating for two days and donate all the money I would have used in the hotel to a charity in that country. Yes, you might say it’s nothing but my friend in Christ, $140 in this community could easily feed about 70 people with soup and bread only a day. Yes, to you it might be a drop in an ocean yet to them I would have saved lives through this feed in one day. Imagine if I could donate this amount everyday and or if all of us could donate a meal to them everyday! The issue is not about me donating this small amount to the community here but it is a principle of redefining prosperity that I am driving towards by sharing this small gesture. The main thoughts that I would like to plant in your hearts as I continue writing this blog are: ‘How many people on the continent would we could have fed with all the money we are contributing to prosper those who do not require our contributions, offering and tithing? How many people we would have fed if we were not greedy to self enrich? Why would we not rather contribute money, clothes, books etc to those in real need? Are we not called or blessed to be a blessing ourselves? How much time do we spend sharing with others our knowledge of the Word with those who have not heard of the Gospel? How prosperous are we spiritually to prosper others in other areas of their lives for example educationally, economically and socially?’

Defining Prosperity – my own Understanding

For this blog, I will redefine prosperity in four statements which I will elaborate on in Part 2 later in the blog. My sharing will be based on the four statements I make below, which are:

1. Prosperity is not the absence of poverty

2. Prosperity is not about money

3. Prosperity is not material wealth

4. Prosperity is not self indulging

What are your thoughts on these statements? Please feel free to share with me before my next blog so we can compare notes. I thank you for being part of those who believe prosperity needs to be redefined. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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