When I gave my life to Christ Jesus as my Lord and Saviour at the age of 16 years, I came out of a very ‘poor’ family in terms of material ‘richness’ or prosperity as the world defines it. Although my family was ‘poor’ in the physical, we were spiritually rich and prosperous in all other areas of our lives and  in the knowledge of God’s word and the operations of the spiritual realm. We believed for example in the power of healing, protection, provision, love and giving. In all the years as I matured in Christ and knowing the Word and applying it in my life, family, business and community, I realized the misuse of the word ‘prosperity’ by those who preach the gospel to the poor as they emphasize material, physical or natural ‘prosperity’. Is this true? Is ‘prosperity’ only physical? What about spiritual prosperity? I believe we need to redefine this as many people especially the poor are taken advantage of by those who are teaching, speaking or preaching on ‘prosperity’. Through this blog, I would like to invite comments on the redefinition of ‘prosperity’.

Here are the questions I would like to invite comments from you who read my blogs:

What is prosperity? 

Physical prosperity vs spiritual prosperity – what is the difference? Is the application of prosperity correctly done as we see it today?

Why is it that people define prosperity in material or physical terms only? Is this right? Why do they through their preaching encourage people to yearn to be materially rich so desperately against all odds? Why do they encourage the poor to contribute through e.g. ‘offerings’ and/or ‘tithing’, to their ‘pastors’ for material richness or ‘prosperity’? Why should those who preach ‘prosperity’ not give back to the poor?

Why is it that spiritual prosperity is never spoken about or preached as much as physical richness especially money? Are we not rich or prosperous as we are spiritually anointed and blessed in the Kingdom of God? How can we live our lives in this richness of God Almighty more than in money richness?

Beloveds of God let us have an open conversation on this topic so we may bring light to the people of God. As for me I know I am prosperous spiritually because I know that the Word of God is prosperously applicable in my life. I thank God for growing me in poverty yet in the richness/prosperity of His love, I have abundantly prospered spiritually. Today I know that everything that I am is because He is the greater I am in all areas of my life and that everything I have, He Jehovah Jireh gave me to be a blessing to others. Our God is God of prosperity in all areas of our lives – health, relations, and spiritual life not Financial only. To Him alone is the glory! What about you? How do you think we should redefine or interprete the meaning of prosperity in our lives especially as preached in some churches?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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